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Crazy Nights

It is night. Partially overcast. Between the clouds the Southern Cross and Scorpion. The wind increases every night. At the moment 19-23 kn. Main in the second reef, jib. Waves from the side. Reaching. All of a sudden a meter downwards. Objects flying through the cabin with strange trajectories. Again a full deck wash. Needless to say, a teak deck needs good rinsing with seawater. The cockpit is a saline. I drive Easy below hull speed (whatever that may be, who knows how long the actual waterline is?). A sustainable speed above 8,2 kn is not realistic. The strain on the boat is far less below 7,5 kn. Then the ship does not get pushed to the side by waves so violently. Somehow, the current is mostly against me, around 0.3 kn. Sometimes it is pushing me with 0.8 kn. There is absolutely nobody around me for hundreds of miles. The isolated pink triangle on MarineTraffic, between Galapagos and Gambier is me …. Actually, I wanted to sleep. When I wedge myself in cushions and bla nkets it somehow works. At this noise level I would not sleep a wink at home, let alone in earthquake conditions like these.

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