Gelcoat Repair

1. Deep scratches, CRP visible

use Yachtcare Gelcoat Repair Kit by Voss Chemie, RAL 9010, Art. Nr. 125.992 , add 3% hardener. Cures with sticky surface, apply several layers without sanding in between, cover last layer with Hostaphan-foil

working steps

  • apply masking tape, sand edges with 120 grid sanding paper, v-shape of edges
  • clean with silicone remover, remove masking tape
  • apply new masking tape, 2 layers to allow for shrinkage after curing, masking tape close to damaged area, press masking tape to hull tightly with finger, apply further masking tape wider than width of spatule, use plastic spatules
  • mix gelcoat carefully, no air bubbles, hardener 2%, use 1/3 of gel per working step to get mixing ratio correct
  • apply with plastic spatula, press gel into grove from the side, remove surplus gel by pushing the spatula to its tip rather than pulling the spatula, check for air bubbles
  • remove masking tape immediately after leveling of gel with spatula
  • carefully lay Hostaphan-foil (preheated with fan) on repair area, level very lightly with finger, fix with tape, apply cardboard cover, fix with tape
  • remove foil after curing (2-3 h at 20°), test with finger for hardening before removing.
  • heat repair area with fan
  • dry-sand with 280 grid use sanding block, also diagonally
  • than dry sand grid 600
  • than wet sand grid 1000 and 1500, also circular movements, including surrounding gelcoat
  • polish using YC REFINISH 1 Art. Nr.  143.875 / 137.168 or YC HIGH GLOSS FINISH Art. Nr. 125.603. If gelcoat gets warm use some sprinkles of water. For machine use POLISHING FOAM PAD

2. Shallow scratches

use 2-component gelcoat filler = topcoat, contains paraffin, by Vosschemie RAL 9010, Art. Nr. , 150.802, does not stick after curing, can be sanded after curing, needs sanding after each application, thus not so good for several layers

3. Small holes

  • apply masking tape
  • scratch out with sharp knife
  • clean with silicone remover
  • fill with gelcoat filler
  • sand
  • polish

see YACHT 09/2016