Ground for AC shoreline, 12V DC and ship ground for lightning protection

There are two separate ground systems on EASY:

1. Ship ground for lightning protection
All stays are connected with 16 mm² wires to the steel keel construction to provide a grounding for lightning protection. This ground is electrically separated from the ground of the 12V DC installation

2. 12V DV ground system
All electric and electronic devices are connected to the same ground which is  the negative pole of the 12V DC installation. Shields of data cables are connected to this ground on one side, and not on both ends, to avoid ground loops.

3. Ground for onshore power
The onshore power plug has a polarity protection to indicate wether the shorline has the correct polarity to reduce galvanic corrosion when connected to the shoreline.

The TS480 SAT uses the same ground for 12V power supply and for the coaxial antenna cable. The connection to the ship ground would therefore loos the advantage of two separate ground systems. So the ground connection of the HF radio was realised using a plug. The ground connection is disconnected when the HF radio is not in use.