Connecting the VHF Radio to the B&G H5000 Processor

The B&G H5000 processor has two NMEA-ports. When I tried to connect my VHF-radio to the NMEA-port no data were detected. It took me some time to find out that the port needs to be configured by computer to output data and the NMEA-sentence has to be defined before the H5000 processor would talk to the Radio. This is the procedure


  • connect the processor to the computer via an ethernet cable
  • configure the LAN-port of the computer to the address, subnet
  • open the browser
  • switch on the H5000 processor
  • type in the browsers address line
  • the B&G configuration page opens
  • select something like system – NMEA-ports – configure – NMEA-sentences
  • enable GLL (gps latitude and longitude) 0,5 Hz
  • save, disconnect, reboot