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Big Problem

When I woke up in the morning my cockpit plotter was not working. I had no GPS position in the network and the navigation had stopped. Step one was to check if the plotter was working. The plotter is ok, see photo. Next step was to find the bug. So I checked the fuses, switches, then sections of the cable. Following the cable I noticed water flowing into the bilge. The rudder bearing is still leaking, more than ever. All that effort, time and money in South Africa has been completely in vain. The bilge pump is saving my life. The plotter problem was caused by the water leak. The water had found its way into a junction of the cables leading to the cockpit. The cable joints had corroded. Eight hours later I had fixed the cable connections, all navigation electronics are working normally again. The electric bilge pump is running every hour. This will be my routine for the next months, until I can haul out Easy and get a proper repair of the rudder bearing back home.i

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