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I did not order this system when I left Tahiti. The forecast shows the expected gusts, the scale on the bottom translates colours to knots of wind. But as the great philosopher Jagger said: “You can’t always get what you want”. Next night and tomorrow I will be quite busy. I will struggle with big waves from the south and strong winds on the nose, directly from the direction where I want to go. Easy is well preared and so am I. I might not find the time for my daily update. Follow my progress which is updated in hourly intervals on . Don’t worry if the track will even lead to the east for a couple of hours. I might just be running downwind when things get too rough here. See you later, thank you for following me! Btw, I highly recommend the album “Hot Rocks 1964-1971, digitally remastered, The Rolling Stones, 1986” Put on your best set of headphones, ignore the high volume warning on your device. Cures all sorts of fears and north European autumn blues.

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