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Leaving Beautiful Cocos Keeling

I am leaving paradise. As always when starting a passage: nervous, anxious, tense, faint hope. Route planning, innumerous weather forcasts, departure clearance and entry formalities for the destination have been studied meticulously for several days.
Then I just have to stop thinking and let go. Starting the engine, anchor up, securing the anchor to the bow, setting sail, setting up the windvane and the hydrogenerator, all this happens in a good routine, like in a trance. Once you leave the island the large swell sets in and your body has to adjust to the continuous, crazy movements on sea.
The specialty when leaving this anchorage was to pass the reef that surrounds the anchorage. With only 0.6 m under the keel I drove dead slow, following exactely my track when I had entered the anchorage. The water was so clear that I could clearly see each individual coral under the keel. Exciting. (Photo credit: Brent, Catamaran Impi)

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