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Last Coconut

Nice sailing today. I am slowly recovering to normal life. This is my last coconut from French Polynesia. Thin coconut slices are an ideal component of my Müsli. I have to finish all my fruit, vegetable and pork meat. The list of things you are not allowed to bring into New Zealand is endless. This makes me really feel like entering the very far side of the world. These innumerous entry regulations plus the unbelievable buerocracy when applying for a visa is a strange experience for a European citizen. Feels so much like last century. We can be so glad to be living in modern Europe! Btw, the next tools required to open the coconut after draining the delicious, salty water, is a hammer to produce a horizontal crack, and a srewdriver to separate the meat from the shell. The meat lasts longer in the fridge, covered with foil so it does not dry out.

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