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Goodbye America

I left Panama City at 16:30 after a busy day. I sail into a very quiet night. Lightning lights the clouds over Panama City. It took me two hours to repair the windvane. Two brass screws were badly corroded in their stainless steel threads. So I had to drill them out and replace them with stainless steel screws. I now need two pliers to attach the windvane to the self-steering device. When I was finished with this job the wind had decreased to 3 knots. Too little for the mechanical windvane. So I stear with the electric autopilot. The speed over ground is between 1,5 and 2 knots. This is one of the moments when I absolutely love the Swan. Still moving in nearly no wind. The dolphins are really loud when all is so quiet. Now I will try to get some fragmented sleep. I could not get to sleep yesterday – too nervous about my long trip.

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