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Banana Drama

In Tonga I bought a bunch of green bananas. Some of them forgot their biological program. Instead of turning into palatable yellow fruit they seem to skip this important phase and go directly from green to black (rotten). Too late now, they will have to go swimming in the Pacific. Only three days left, and I am not allowed to bring fruit into New Zealand. Seems to be a well protected fruit market. Since Panama I have been buying (for rediculous money) apples from New Zealand for my breakfast, but I am not allowed to bring one single piece of fruit into New Zealand. Sailing is boring, today. Only the low flying plane from the New Zealand Airforce brought some variation. They asked me all details about me, the ship and my voyage and wished me a pleasant sail. Thank you. If you wonder, the round fruit is a mango from Tonga, a present from Julia and Götz from Tribalance. Delicious. Thank you.

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