Forward Scan / Foward Looking Sonar

A new, forward looking sonar was introduced by Navico/B&G in 2014. This unit uses an Ethernet protocol for data Transfer. It consists of a transducer, a sonar hub and a Display unit like our Zeus² multifunction display.

The sonar hub arrived today. One ethernet port is used to connect to the display. The second port will be used to connect to a future, second display at the nav station and the third port will be used to connect to a broadband radar. :

The ethernet cable has yellow connectors, male on both ends:

This is the connection to the display:

The transducer looks like this:

The transducer partially submerged in a bucket with water in our livingroom.

The through-hull stainless steel housing looks too nice to be mouted with sticky marine sealant…

The set includes a plastic plug to close the hole when the transducer is not being used for a longer period of time.

At first, nothing worked. There was no menu to setup the forward scan.

Then a software update of the Zeus² was performed – still nothing. The service hotline from Navico told me how to activate the forward scan. Result: Forward Scan appeared on the Zeus, but the Sonar Hub was not accepted as Data source…

The next call to the service hotline resulted in a software update of the sonar hub which I had bought yesterday and then a colourful image of the floor and the wall of my bucket appeared on the screen!

Split screen

Another option of split screen. I can’t wait to test this in the water:


The forward scan finally in operation during our trip to Finland in 2015. Flat seabed, all clear up to a distance of 55 m in front of the ship. The water was nice and warm, 18,5°C, the depth was 22,5 m

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